My story


Howeson Lu


A traditional Chinese soul, with a free Canadian spirit.


Growing Up


Born curious in a traditional business Chinese family perusing a career in design has never been easy. After I graduated with a human resources specialist degree from the University of Toronto, I have decided to drop everything, and chase my passion in becoming an industrial designer at OCADU. Taking the longer route in becoming a designer has not gone to waste. 

4 years of business background gave me a layer of business insights over everything I see. These two skill sets granted me the power to funnel unrealistic fantasies into functional objects that can satisfy real world constraints, while maintaining its romantic core.

MY Designs


My rebellious experience growing up may be the root to why most of my designs are context driven and often ironic. I have a habit of putting straightforward (sometimes hidden) “aha, I see what you did there” moments in all of my work to reward the curious. I consider this to be a part of the job of a good designer: leaving gems for the user to discover and creating a thirst for depth in all objects.

I believe design will save the world, starting with changing how people think.  

Designers are Answers.

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Phone Number: 6472788229

Instagram: @Howesonlu

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Design is an analytical process that the designer uses to understand the nature of the issues that a product or a service or a building must address in order to answer a brief.


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